Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti night!

Andreas and I usually have pasta with red sauce at least once a week.   We try to mix it up and make it a little bit more exciting.  One week we may use homemade pasta, or filled pasta.  The next we’ll add something different to the sauce.  Last week we decided to make fra diavolo.  This type of sauce is usually served with lobster or different types of seafood.  We had shrimp, so that’s what we used.  There is a great recipe on the Food Network site.  It’s an Emeril recipe and it is so simple to make!  We almost always have the ingredients we need, which is always plus in my book.   We served it over fresh tagliatelle with salad and bread on the side.  Break open a nice bottle or red, and it’s quite the meal!

This week it was crumbled hot Italian sausage in sauce served over cheese filled tortellini.  Anyone have any other good ideas for pasta night?

One Response to “Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti night!”

  1. Mark says:

    Yum! Pasta is good any night, in my book. I have been slowly training Steven over the years to like pasta. My hard work is paying off. We now have it once a week, too. A good tortellini is always nice, and pretty easy.

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